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14 Days - by Róisín Whelan

Róisín Whelan is a dance artist and recipient of a Tipperary Dance Platform 2020 fellowship


14 Days

| Reversing | Adapting | Altering | Softening | Standardising | Conforming | Normalising |

14 Months

A week of reflection on the mind and body in isolation, the use of film as a means of adapting movement that reoccurs, the mundane becoming normality and the body softening. A week of reflection on the past 14 months, the fragility we feel, the repetitive nature of our lives and the ability to highlight patterns of a new normal becoming embedded in our everyday. 

Main Body

We are altered by the world around us, whether we like it or not we have been morphed, shaped and changed by the past 14 months. The effects of isolation on the body and mind have been a recurring theme that has presented itself to me over the past 14 months and particularly the 14 days we are required to stay in isolation when we travel or feel a swell of being unwell. 

The recurrence of the number 14 has intrigued us, it has been a catalyst for the work. We have been using film to look at the possibilities of adapting movement, finding new ways of presenting reoccurring movement patterns and phrases that occur in our normal lives, altering movement through the screen. We have been taking studio footage of improvisational tasks and structured movement phrases created through word association and working through the lens to film these. We have then been spending time analysing the movement on screen through technical editing mechanisms, reversing, adapting, and altering. We have been highlighting these changes we have had in our lives through film and then taking these adaptations and recreating movement phrases from these improvisations.

We are intrigued by the softness, the fragility of the relationships our lives hold, we have enjoyed exploring softness through touch, creating through improvisation and problem solving. By choosing this theme of softness in our lives we are using improvisational tools to create movement through task-based systems. A soft duet has emerged, as we go about our everyday lives. Do we forget about those around us? Does the mundane becomes normality and does moving around our loved ones become a standardised process lacking emotion and feeling? 

Róisín Whelan, May 2021

Choreographer: Róisín Whelan

Dancer & Filmmaker: Joshua Scott

Thank you to Carlow County Council for their support through their Individual Artist Grant Scheme for making this possible along. Thank you to TDP for their overwhelming support and insights during this fruitful time in studio and to Tigh Roy for his warm and welcoming home.

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