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Tipperary Dance Platform

… exists to create a dance community built on the idea that embodied knowledge empowers the voice of artists and citizens

… delivers a network of international artistic practice and creation based on values of collaboration and exchange

…challenges conservative and conventional landscapes of thought and practice, to shift perceptions and ways of thinking    

Founded by Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli in 2008, Tipperary Dance Platform is an artist-led non-profit programme that engages creatively with artists and the public and an international creative space that builds infrastructure for an art form. Rooted in Jazmin and Alexandre’s decades-long experience as artists, managers and curators, Tipperary Dance Platform’s year-round programme and TDP’ International Dance Festival deliver artistic excellence. This is made possible thanks to a collaborative approach involving a network of local, national and international partners and stakeholders that includes dance companies, independent artists, public authorities, venues, festivals and other dance organisations.

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