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TDP’20 international dance festival

2-11 October 2020

A live broadcast event presenting Irish-based dance artists


Focus Ireland Digital Platform

This Focus Ireland Digital Platform (FIDP) is a new initiative by Tipperary Dance Platform. It aims to create an interface where the Irish creative dance sector can meet with inter/national festivals and curators, to start a new dialogue for the industry.

As you can imagine, this first edition, involving international travel, could not go as planned. So TDP’20 presents a Live digital broadcast, a pilot version adapted to the current situation. Some of the events presented here will also be performed live Onland, conditions permitting. Being pure aficionados, we naturally encourage you to attend these.

FIDP’ Live broadcast is a Zoom event showing pre-recorded works and hosting a live interaction with artists and audiences. This means that it will be broadcasted online via the Zoom.us online service. And accessible through registration only.

The FIDP Live broadcast will present: 

•  A brief introduction by the festival directors

• 4 pre-recorded dance pieces filmed during live performances at TDP’20 Onland events (the 3 and 10 October)

• 5 screendance shorts commissioned by TDP' to Mary Wycherley

• A moderated live discussion with the artists, engaging live with audience members

Detailed program



Sun 11 October, 15.00

This event will take place as a webinar on Zoom.

Registering is necessary to obtain your meeting ID and password to access the webinar. Click on the ‘Register here’ link above.

Not familiar with Zoom? Here is a step by step description of how to use Zoom to follow the broadcast.

This event is free of charge. You can make a voluntary contribution via PayPal, by clicking on the donate button.

Do you want to see some of these events and films Onland? 

Sat 10 October - Liz Roche Company

This performance is Cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions

Sat 03 October - FIDP triple-bill performance

2, 5 & 6 October - Mary Wycherley screendance shorts

Live broadcast: the program

You have registered here, you have received your link and password by email, and you are all set to go. We recommend using a headset to improve sound.

If you need more info about how to log into the broadcast: check here

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 15.00            Directors welcome

 15.10            Interview with Mary Wycherley

 15.15                 Mary Wycherley: Far-Flung Dances - I (The Bog) & II (The Wood) | Screendance shorts, a Tipperary Dance Platform commission

 15.25                 Maria Nilsson Waller: Praying Positions / Metamorphosis | Performance captured at TDP’20

 15.40            Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín: Bád Siobhán (Siobhán’s Boat) | Performance captured at TDP’20

 16.10            Far-Flung Dances - III (The Mountain) | Screendance shorts, a Tipperary Dance Platform commission

 16.15            Isabella Oberländer: Glisten | Performance captured at TDP’20

 16.30            Live discussion with Mary Wycherley, Isabella Oberländer, Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín, Maria Nilsson Waller, Ruairí Ó’Donnabháin

 17.30            Mary Wycherley: Far-Flung Dances - IV (The Brash and Pool) & V (The Meadow) | Screendance shorts, a Tipperary Dance Platform commission

 17.40            In dialogue with Liz Roche, live

 18.00            Liz Roche Company: The Here Trio | Performance captured at TDP’20

 18.45            Wrap-up & goodbye

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This event is free of charge. If you want to make a voluntary contribution, you can click the donate button.

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