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TDP’20 international dance festival

2-11 October 2020

Eight locations across Europe, eleven leading artists, over 60 dance artists


This Tipperary Dance Platform initiative is an international place for investigation and research, without travelling. A brand new way to work together: ten venues, organisations and festivals across Europe, nine dance studios, ten mentors host nine groups of dancers.

Artists interact physically in the studio and virtually via a meeting application. On land and online. Minimising risks, minimising air travel but maximising encounters: this could be the motto of the Hotspots Lab, a transnational investigative laboratory that gathers no less than 60 artists in four different countries.

The LAB reiterates values of place and physical presence, while maintaining capacity to fully abide by public health guidelines and regulations. The Hotspots LAB is a space where artists can reassert the value of their work and experience through formulation, shared expression, shared practice. A collective place where artists can see themselves through the eyes of others. An experience than enables and values dance discourse and dance experience.


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Oriente Occidente

Dance Festival

Hosted & partnered by nine Hotspot venues & organisations across Europe

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Wed 07 - Sat 10 October

TDP’20 Hotspots LAB venues and mentors:

Tipperary Excel Arts Centre: Rita Marcalo

DanceHouse, Dublin: Philip Connaughton

MilanOltre festival (Italy): Laura Gazzani, Melania Pallini

Trois C-L (Luxemburg): Léa Tirabasso

Teatro Victoria - TenerifeLAV (Tenerife): Javier Cuevas

Oriente Occidente Festival (Italy): Filippo Porro, Silvia Dezulian

Lavanderia a Vapore (Italy): Teresa Noronha Feio, Francesco Dalmasso

Indisciplinarte (Italy): Fabritia D’Intino


In Ireland: Only dancers resident in Ireland who are recipient of a TDP’20 & Dance Ireland bursary: Apply here for a bursary (Deadline: 10 September)

In other venues: each Hotspots manages groups in their own way: open calls, existing groups…

An initiative by Tipperary Dance Platform, TDP’20 Hotspot Laboratory is funded by Tipperary Dance Platform, Dance Ireland and Creative Ireland. Curated by Tipperary Dance Platform. In partnership with DanceHouse, Dublin, MilanOltre (Italy), TROIS C-L - Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (Luxembourg), Tenerife LAVand Teatro Victoria (Tenerife), Oriente Occidente Festival (Rovereto, Italy), in collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore / Piemonte dal Vivo - Centro di Residencia per la Danza (Turin, Italy) within the frame of Boarding Pass Plus Dance 2020, Indisciplinarte.

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Expanding the discourse on dance

TDP’ sees dance as a language, a space of knowledge that needs to be shared. The Hotspots LAB is a creative Laboratory for dance artists, an embodied experience that carries beyond skills training. The LAB enables and expands discussions on topics related to the place of our bodies in our societies.

TDP’20 Hotspot LAB is a transnational concept that seeks to open interaction with new physical spaces through digital media. The LAB aims to feed a contagious form of seeding cultural exchange, exchange of knowledge and experiences, despite COVID-19-related mobility restrictions and gathering restrictions.

The legitimacy of dance in the social discussion is rooted in the deep physical, empirical and conceptual field of knowledge that modern and contemporary dance have been accumulating and formulating for decades. In 2020, a deadly virus, the racist killing of a citizen, physical confinement, and endless images of confrontations in the streets have been prominent symptoms of the dramatic acceleration of threats (physiological, societal, or others) against physical integrity. This calls for an acceleration and international expansion of the discussion.

Expanded spaces are required, where reflection, practice and discourse can develop, enabling bodies to find their place as responsible (and responsive) living entities and citizens, decolonized from deadly influences infused by tirelessly growing requirements for security and productivity.

TDP’20 will use the digital as a space of expansion, contention and participation, not a desk delivering consumption goods. TDP’20 wants to build spaces, relationships, groups that can replace our habit of ‘on-demand’ services with a true sense of shared experience.

Laboratories have typically spanned over 3 to 5 days mentored by an international guest artist and followed by 6 to 8 dancers.

TDP’s Laboratories and masterclass programs in the past

Since 2011, the TDP’ festival has proposed Laboratories and curated masterclass programs dedicated to enriching the experience, knowledge and practice of the dance community in Ireland. Masterclasses have typically been taught over three days, mostly (but not only) by artists performing at the festival. The program has been hosting between 15 and 40 dancers per class.

Laboratories have typically spanned over 3 to 5 days mentored by an international guest artist and followed by 6 to 8 dancers.

Today’s reflections, alongside changes triggered by a paradoxical combination of expanding partnerships and COVID19-related restrictions are inspiring exciting perspectives to develop, diversify and expand the concept of our training program.

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