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TDP’20 international dance festival

2-11 October 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation, booking is mandatory for all ‘Onland’ events, taking place in theatres, cinemas or libraries


Liz Roche Company

« An intriguing reflection on space, history and the transitory, uncertain nature of our humdrum existence. » The Stage  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Here Trio premiered in Belfast in February 2020 one week after Brexit. Performed as part of a programme of work around Boundaries and Belonging The Here Trio challenges preconceived ideas about the right to belong in a place and reflects on our impermanent existence in the rapidly changing environments we inhabit. The dancers movements convey bodies that are slightly 'out-side' of themselves, agitated and driven, even stressed. Voices are independent from their speakers, images fracture and reform, and the senses are stuck in over exaggerated comparisons. Time doesn't flow, but hiccups along, with memories and imagined histories erupting throughout. The piece is made in close collaboration with videographer and sound designer Luca Truffarelli and with lighting designer Stephen Dodd and composer Bryan O’Connell.

For this upcoming performance at TDP, The Here Trio will be reworked taking into consideration social distancing restrictions and the new environment and conditions for live performance due to the Covid pandemic. The piece will move between the original and the new live performance with an increased emphasis on film throughout. This creates new resonances with the idea of what it means to be "here", especially now as we navigate this turbulent moment of change in our lives.


Choreographed by Liz Roche

Performers Ryan O'Neill (film & live), Justine Cooper (live), Lucia Kickham (live), Sarah Cerneaux (film), Glria Ros Abellana(film)

Lighting: Stephen Dodd

Sound design and visuals: Luca Truffarelli

Original Music: Bryan O'Connell

Presented by Maiden Voyage Dance

Co-produced by Maiden Voyage Dance and Liz Roche Company

Commissioned by Maiden Voyage Dance

Maiden Voyage Dance is annually supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Maiden Voyage Dance is supported by Belfast City Council.  The Here Trio performed as a double bill with Brink, a new duet from Eileen McClory in Belfast and Armagh only. Liz Roche Company is Strategically Funded by the Arts Council Ireland and supported by Dublin City Council

Sat 10 October, 19.30

Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. More info…

The Source Arts Centre, Thurles

Booking is mandatory to comply with public Health guidelines.

Duration: 42 Min.

Price: €15

Age Suitability: 12+

You cannot not attend this event Onland? Discover it Online, join us for an afternoon of live broadcasting the 11 Oct:

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