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Our privacy policy - in short

Privacy policy and user content

This website does not inherently track you or collect personal information, however, it includes links to third party providers and social media that may use tracking cookies.

Third party service providers

We rely on mailchimp.com and infomaniak.com, two trusted online platforms, to deliver our newsletters. If you register for our newsletter, we rely on their legal policy regarding the handling of our and your personal data. For full details on how MailChimp handles data, please read the mailchimp.com privacy policy here.

Third party links

The videos embedded in this website as part of the VOD Video On Demand programme are hosted on Vimeo.com. Some videos embedded in this website are occasionally hosted on Youtube.com. By clicking to see these videos, you acknowledge that Vimeo and Youtube might track you. They do so under the terms of their own privacy policy.

Please be aware that our newsletters and websites contain links to third party organisations, such as social media (such as, but not exclusively, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and Google maps. If you click on these links in one of our newsletters or websites, they may collect data and/or track your activity under the terms of their own privacy policies.

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Tipperary Dance Platform does not track your activity on this website. Tracking cookies present in this website are exclusively related to external links, embedded social media, embedded videos and google maps. You can refuse them. If you do, you will not be asked again, but please note that some items such as videos and maps might not show in your browser.

You can click here to reset the cookie consent for this website in your browser.

We do not use cookies to monitor our website. However, external links, embedded social media feeds, embedded videos and embedded maps are likely to use cookies and do so under the privacy policy of each corresponding third party provider. Click on the button if you accept. You can review our privacy policy for more info.