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TDP’20 international dance festival

2-11 October 2020

Maria Nilsson Waller

Praying positions/Metamorphosis

a solo piece looking at the greater collective journey of evolution through the lens of a dancer’s body. An epic attempt in a minimal setting

Praying positions/Metamorphosis is a solo piece looking at the greater collective journey of evolution through the lens of a dancer’s body. It flows through the genealogy of species, the spirit’s need for expression in various religious cultures and the evolving dance of survival through adaptation. An epic attempt in a minimal setting.


“Much like the seed contains the programme to become a flower, the Self contains the programme to become whole” - Judith Anodea


Choreography, design, performance:

Maria Nilsson Waller 

Sound design: Ross Dowling & Stace Gill/The Sei

Supported by the Irish Arts Council, D-Light Studios,

Dance Ireland, Konstnärsnämnden

Released Mon 12 October | Until 18 October

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Also live Onland at TDP’20, the 03 Oct | more info

Also live Online at the FIDP broadcast | more info

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One of our greatest challenges in today's society is to bridge the disconnect between society and earth, mind and body.  I am not separate. With this solo I am trying to understand, befriend and repair my own body.  I am observing closely, so as to retrieve an authenticity and to share what a lifetime of dance focus means so far. I am undoing pain and tension accumulated over time, trying to find peace and balance between the wild and the refined. This journey is a quest, leading me to and through the psychology of humans, and to a wide range of new and old spiritual and body practices. An important question for us as a species seems to be - how do we deal with pain? How do we deal with a disassociated self, our disassociation to nature and to the wild?

Praying positions/Metamorphosis is a dance for these times; my journey, knowledge, training, revelations and realisations that I have learned from this art form over the last 20 years.It is the outcome of a series of research under the working title of “metamorphosis”, taking place both indoors and outdoors over 2019/2020. Previous work in progress presentations have taken place at Konstnärsnämnden Stockholm, Christchurch Cathedral and D-Light Studios, Dublin.

Extracts from workbook: 

«Bodypart. Participate in the streaming of the universe. Don’t live in the head, let the body inform you. Longing. Intuition. Don’t understand or tell the story only through mind. Observe and give way for the unfolding through the body. Listen to the body. To be natural is to be holy. Let the body be its prayer. Slow morphing between poses. Woman. Animal. Refined. Wild. Universally human. Western church. Eastern practice. Sufi. Shaman. Ground and Waves. Earth and ripples. Loosen up from within. Expand into space. Connect the Dots. Animals and archetypes - lilies, flight, jellyfish. Stingray. Join in with the universe. Arrive. Let it be a prayer.»

Maria Nilsson Waller

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