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TDP’20 international dance festival

2-11 October 2020

Screendance | Ireland (2020) | duration 25 min.

A Tipperary Dance Platform commission

Mary Wycherley

Far-flung dances

A site-specific exploration through dance, movement and film responding to a selection of County Tipperary’s unique and natural environments.

The commission invited a site-specific exploration through dance and movement responding to a selection of natural environments. The work emerged in close relationship with these sites, all of which have been allowed to restore to their native growth and ecologies. A sense of time, place and relationship unfolds as the dancers, environment and filmmaking find their balance together on site. The work negotiates time, scale and terrain while reflecting on ways of seeing, belonging and connecting to our natural world.

The work unfolds in a series of 5 screendance episodes or visual poems, each with their own identity yet all intrinsically linked. The environments and locations in Co. Tipperary remain unnamed and uncredited for now but will be identified as part of the festival’s public workshops for Tipperary communities during the commission’s presentation.



Film direction and production: Mary Wycherley

Choreography and film edit: Mary Wycherley

Director of Photography: Raja Nundlall

Dancers: Marion Cronin and Sarah Ryan

Music and sound design: Jürgen Simpson

Assistant camera: Gavin Reilly

Assistant producer: Kristyn Fontanella


Commissioned & produced by Tipperary Dance Platform, funded by The Heritage Council and Creative Ireland. Research and rehearsal space provided by Dance Ireland.

Released Sun 04 October | Until 18 October

Also in Tipperary Libraries the 02, 05 & 06 October

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Mary Wycherley will be present at the FIDP - Focus Ireland Digital Platform live broadcast event

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About this commission

One of the repercussions of the COVID-19 lockdown on dance was the instant removal of all performances from the physical location where they were to take place. Most events were cancelled, some were transferred online. For dance artist and choreographers however, removing the presence of bodies from physical space is hardly a satisfying solution.

Tipperary Dance Platform felt an urge to provide an opportunity for dance artists to invest public spaces and give a sense of place to the TDP’20 festival, and to visually reveal the environment of County Tipperary in which the festival takes place.

Commissioning Limerick dance artist and filmmaker Mary Wycherley is also part of a global reflection on the necessity to help local artists create locally. ‘Far-flung dances’ is the outcome of this commission: five screen dance shorts, filmed on location in the stunning landscapes of County Tipperary, give you an opportunity to feel the land through dance .

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