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TDP’20 international dance festival

2-11 October 2020

Various artists

Videos by the Leading artists of the TDP’20 Hotspots Lab

TDP’ sees dance as a language, a space of knowledge that needs to be shared. In a world where accepting diversity is a continuously growing issue, the TDP’20 Hotspots LAB is an international creative  laboratory for dialogue and experimentation among dance artists. An embodied experience that enables and expands discussions on topics related to the place of our bodies in our societies.

TDP’20 Hotspot LAB is a transnational concept that seeks to open interaction with new physical spaces through digital media. The LAB aims to feed a contagious form of seeding cultural exchange, exchange of knowledge and experiences, despite COVID-19-related mobility restrictions and gathering restrictions.

You can discover here a series of videos made by the artist who lead the TDP’20 Hotspots LAB. These works are at the image of the LAB: heterogenous in their shape, theme, concepts and aesthetics, straight out of the hands of artists. The LAB is a space for diversity of visions, origins and experiences. These videos attempt to reflect this.

More about the Hotspots LAB

Presenting works by

Instant Dissidence - Rita Marcalo (IE) | About the film

Léa Tirabasso (LUX) | About the film

Javier Cuevas & Tamara Brito de Heer (ESP) | About the film

Released Thur 08 October | Until 18 October

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Instant Dissidence - Rita Marcalo

Dancing With Strangers: From Calais to England

TDP’20 Festival discusses with Rita Marcallo (Instant Dissidence) about her work Dancing with Strangers: From Calais to England. She exposes her experiences and the process of making this work.

We will also see extracts of streets performance. A woman on the street with outstretched arms, an experiences in which her t-shirt invites to ‘Dance With Me’. Would you accept her invitation? In 2016 she brought this project into ‘The Jungle’ camp in Calais, working with refugees to create duets that they wished to perform with people in England. Since none of them were able to cross the border, anyone accepting Rita’s street invitation will perform this duet with one of those refugees - through Rita and the exchanged gift of dance. Creating the link, she completes the connection between someone one the street, and the people who stayed behind closed borders.


Core team: https://dwsfromcalaistoengland.tumblr.com/theteam

And the 4 refugees (not their real names, but the names they chose for the project): Yodite Melku, Abdul Rehman, Johnoy Miller, Addisu Tariku. Photo: Julia Bauer for Tempting Failure Festival.

Léa Tirabasso

Octopus - a digital experiment

Digital exploration of a section in the piece "The Ephemeral life of an Octopus"

Beyond the research of cellular dysfunction, the work questions behavioural, social and political dysfunction. It observes the invisible movements of living units, whose ability to move and reproduce, greatly impacts the whole they are a part of. It is the restoration of touch and the creation of a virtual cellular and social mass that is played with, in this context.


Choreographer: Léa Tirabasso 

Dancers: Alistair Goldsmith, Baptiste Hilbert, Catarina Barbosa, Joachim Maudet, Rosie Terry Toogood. 

Music: Martin Durov

Commissioned by: Aerowaves, The Place London, Roma Europa, National Dance Centre Bucharest, EN-KNAP/Spanski Borci, BMotion/, Opera Estate, Festival Veneto, Dansens Hus Stockholm, Bora Bora Dans, Mercat de les Flors, Espaco do Tempo and Tanec Praha. Produced by: Enya Belak and Springback Production.

Javier Cuevas, Tamara Brito de Heer

Cuando el bosque avance

When The Forest Thrives is a cinematographic art piece, filmed with mobile phones exclusively, and created from the retreated and precise distance to let our own nature be exposed during home confinement. In light of the strangeness and unrest of the lockdown, the clash between restraint and the wild, nature regains its place.


Tamara Brito de Heer: Audiovisual director

Javier Cuevas: Movement playwright

Daniel Abreu: Dancer

Dácil González: Dancer

Teresa Lorenzo: Dancer

Paula Quintana: Dancer

Laboratorio Escénico: Music adaptation

Spanish Matchbox: Producer

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